Amsterdam for New Year
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Duration: 4 Days
If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Amsterdam is the city that never forgets to throw a good New Year's. With 4 days on your side you'll uncover the hidden clubs, find the best cafes and have plenty of time to enjoy the endless cuteness of the city in between festivities. Did we mention free drinks?
Day 1
London to Amsterdam
Today we’ll meet in the heart of London, throwing high fives to each other in recognition of the epic decision we all made to kick off the new year in Amsterdam. Let’s do this! Shortly before jumping on our ferry for France, we’ll be taking in the English coastline beauty of the White Cliffs of Dover, that owe their color to a composition of chalk. Off the ferry we arrive in the port town of Calais - French soil! We travel north via Belgium before reaching ... Amsterdam! Home of good times and cuteness galore. Fun fact: the city has 1539 bridges, 165 canals, and 2500 house boats. Yes, you read that right, and it's all here for you to explore. A tour of the city to get the facts on the city and all it's glory is up first, then it's dinner on us. Later, the night is yours to start getting familiar with the scene that will ring in your best night of the year - we're calling it early!
Day 2
The last day of the year, and there’s a LOT to pack into it... Exploring, eating, partying – that’s what’s in store for us once. You’ll have a free afternoon to check out Amsterdam’s famous museums (or just do some shopping/chilling if you prefer.) Tonight we search for a local spot for dinner - think Dutch sate, bitteballen, stamppot and poffertjes (to name-drop just a few). Don't worry, your Trip Manager will point you in the right direction! Afterwards, we’ll hit the town to bring the New Year home in style – with free club entry and a couple of drinks on us.
Day 3
NY in the NL, and you can celebrate with a free day of exploration. Time to dig out your bucket list. Later this evening, we'll enjoy a traditional Dutch Farmer's Dinner follwed by treating ourselves to drinks as we cruise through the canals, as we see the city illuminated by night.
Day 4
Amsterdam to London
Pack your bags and get ready for a nice long nap, or a lot of reminiscing with the squad and a chat about a reunion tour for next year on our ride back to London. Amsterdam NYE friends, we salute you! You rang in the new year in ultimate wanderlusting spirit by kicking it in Amsterdam. Carry on adventuring your way through the next 12 months and you can’t go wrong.
Start Date: 2023-12-30
End Date: 2024-01-02
Adult Price: $1094
Adult Price: $1094
Adult Price: $1076
Adult Price: $1076
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