The most interesting thing about Philippines is that it is a hidden treasure, a shopper’s dream come true. It is home to the largest shopping malls in South East Asia. So big are the malls, that for quite a number of tourists the shopping malls are travel destinations on their own. 

There are many independent shops highlighting local products, handicrafts, or artworks found at big public markets anywhere the Philippines that offer an unparalleled shopping experience.

Visiting the Philippines means going home with the unique culture that the nation is proud of: a miniature replica of the jeepney, dried sweet mangos, books, dried fish, strawberry jams, peanut brittle, ube jam, and some souvenir t-shirts to name some.


Aside from the country’s well-known diverse natural and man-made attractions, the Philippine food remain one of the country’s best-kept secret which is relatively unknown in many parts of the world.

Filipino food is a blend of Spanish and Chinese cultures. That is why, common foods sound Hispanic such as asado, adobo, and menudo. Others do have Chinese names like pancit and shang-hai.

While there are foods that can be found anywhere in the archipelago; each region has its own traditional foods to brag. 


Philippines has some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia, if not the world. As a tropical country with over 7,000 islands, Philippines is not only endowed with mountains, caves, waterfalls and a vast array of natural wonders but with the most beautiful beaches on the planet – from deserted white-sand beaches dotted with coconut trees to idyllic islands gifted with rich marine life.

Nature And Adventure

Philippines is well-known for its beautiful beaches. 

Being blessed with diverse natural wonders – mountains, caves, white waters make Philippines a sought-after destination perfect for travelers looking for adventure, nature, and culture.