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Duration: 10 Days
Techno raves. Villages high in the sky. A rich history of wine making and a unique way of drinking it. Plus the friendliest locals in the world. Need any more reasons to visit Georgia? Kicking off in the vibrant capital, this trip spends 8 days exploring one of the real up and coming stars of the Euro tourism scene – including the dreamy Martvili Canyon and the Svaneti region’s postcard scenery.
Day 1
Start Tbilisi
Who’s up for a full day in one of Europe’s most exciting cities? Us, that’s for sure. We’ll start with a guided tour in the morning and then you’ll have the rest of the day to yourself. Expect colorful houses and modern architecture, plus a cable car ride to the ancient Narikala Fortress, where mesmerizing panoramic views await at the top and the bottom. From there, we’ll visit sulphur baths and sample Tbilisi’s numerous cafes, shops and bars. Tbilisi is dubbed the ‘New Berlin’ for its techno scene – and tonight you’ll have the chance to experience it for yourself.
Day 2
Tbilisi via Sighnaghi and Sagaredjo
Today we’re off for a day trip to the Kakheti region, famous for its 8000-year-old tradition of wine making. Yup, you’re heading to the homeland of wine alright! First up, we’ll visit Sighnaghi – Georgia’s fortified ‘City of Love’, where many young locals come to get married. Georgia is known for its hospitality and hugely generous people, and we’ll sample this today when we visit a local family for a homemade Georgian feast, complete with the wine you’ve already heard so much about. Next you’ll learn to become a great host yourself with wine-making and Mtsvadi (traditional Georgian bbq) cooking. On our way back to Tbilisi, we’ll stop off at a UNESCO World Heritage site – a local winery where wine has been made for centuries using huge clay jars known as ‘Qvevri’. Back in the capital, you have a free night (to sample more delicious wine, we assume.)
Day 3
Tbilisi to Sno via Mtskheta
Tbilisi:Rise and shine. Today we’ll have breakfast and head out for a dose of religious and military history in Mtskheta – but first we’re off to the Dezerter Bazaar to sample fresh fruit, veggies and different Georgian cheeses. Mtskheta:Welcome to Mtskheta, Georgia’s 3000-year-old ancient capital and religious center. After marvelling at the Jvari Church and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites), we’ll take a drive to the Georgian Military highway, where the country was invaded by Russia back in the 18th Century. For our natural beauty fix, we’ll see the magnificent Zhinvali Reservoir and then head to the Caucasus – the impressive mountain range nested between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Don’t fret, we’ll make plenty of photo stops for you to feed your feed. Sno:Oh Sno we didn’t. Oh Yes we did. Surrounded by mountains, famed for its giant Head Sculptures (Google it), the small village of Sno is steeped in religious significance and natural beauty. Only around 150 people live here, so it’s a peaceful place to enjoy dinner and a good night’s sleep.
Day 4
Sno via Stepantsminda and Juta
Today’s itinerary is more wholesome than a fruit smoothie, and just as sweet. We’ll drive to Stepantsminda bright and early to take a walk, admiring the valleys, woodlands, mountains and churches as we go – plus a picturesque little village between two snow-capped mountains. Surrounded by flowering meadows, rushing rivers, grazing cows and horses… Juta is just lovely. From here, we’ll make our way to Zeta, where you have a free afternoon to bask in your beautiful surroundings. You can even go horseback riding, or trek to the foot of Mt Chaukebi. Back in Sno, sleepy from all the fresh air, we’ll enjoy an included dinner and then hit the hay.
Day 5
Sno to Kutaisi via Uplistsikhe
Time to leave Sno behind but never fear, more wonders await! Georgia’s historic hotspot. A city carved into rock. There’s no double-glazing here… but plenty of wows. Our ancient history train keeps on chugging as we approach one of the oldest cities in the world, named after the myth of the Argonauts. Once Georgia’s cultural capital, Kutaisi is known for its cathedrals, nearby waterfalls and a club scene that’s said to give Tbilisi a run for its money. (Only one way to find out, right?)
Day 6
Kutaisi to Mestia via Martvili Canyon
Before making our way to magical Mestia, we’ll visit the Kutaisi agricultural market where you can spoil yourself with a selection of local produce. It’s easy to see why Martvili Canyon was once a fav getaway for the Georgian Royal Family. Today we’ll spend some time gliding along the water – which is so clear you can see the riverbed below – marvelling at the steep-sided gorges that surround us. And then we arrive in the Region of Svaneti – the real jewel in our Georgian crown. Picture all the kinds of scenery you love: snowy mountains, rolling fields, picturesque little houses that are bursting with character. Yup, this place has ’em all. Plus lakes, waterfalls and colorful flowers.
Day 7
Mestia via Ushguli Shkhara Glacier
Today we’ll hop in 4x4s to visit Ushguli – the highest permanently settled village in Europe and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ushguli:Here, the colorful fields contrast with the snowy mountains to produce a swoon-worthy backdrop you’ll be dreaming about for decades to come. We’ll follow Georgia’s highest village with its highest point full stop: Shkara, where we’ll travel as close to the glacier as we can and then go exploring. Expect more scenic views of the Caucasus, plus ancient towers and awesome flowers. We've gone full circle today, as we arrive back in Mestia for a relaxing dinner this evening.
Day 8
Mestia to Kutaisi via Gelati
Our last morning in Mestia is devoted to architecture and even more views! Get a feel for how people lived centuries ago with an optional visit to a Svaneti tower and its ‘Machubi’ (little house) at the top. Next up, an optional cable car ride to Mt Zuruldi to admire the Caucasus one last time. In Gelati we’ll see even more UNESCO sites and ancient architectural wonders, including one of the oldest education centers in Europe and the tomb of David the Builder (widely considered the greatest king of Georgia). Back in Kutaisi, we’ll have dinner and rest our heads before waking up for our last full day. Nawww.
Day 9
Kutaisi to Tbilisi
Time to head back to where it all began. After a scenic drive, you’ll have the whole day to make the most of Tbilisi.
Day 10
End Tbilisi
One last breakfast and then it’s time to go. You’ve explored one of the real up and coming destinations on the tourism scene, and you’ve met some true BFFs. Now, there’s nothing else to do but get planning your next trip.
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