Boot Scoot N Blues
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Duration: 15 Days
Looking for the ultimate southern road trip? Take a venture to the deep south for 15 days of mouthwatering eats, bright lights, breathtaking national parks and music filled late nights. This trip will see you shimmying around the sights and delights of New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis and Austin to name just a few, with the show stopping glamping in the smoky mountains to top it all off, all to the sultry sound of sweet southern jazz and twittering songbirds.
Day 1
Dallas-Fort Worth to Austin
Feel the famed Southern hospitality as we meet up with the rest of our Contiki family in the ‘bigger is better’ scene of Dallas. From Fort Worth we’ll head to the decidedly more laid-back vibes of Austin. You can't say we don’t treat you. Diving straight into the local way of life, this evening you’ll get to know your new travel crew over an authentic & mouthwatering Texan BBQ.
Day 2
Today is all yours baby so take it easy as you experience the Texan Life. You have the option of taking a kayaking trip on Lady Bird Lake to view those skyscrapers from a new angle, picking out some new cowboy boots for yourself, or taking a paddle board ride on the water. Make sure to preserve your energy for a night on the town - Austin has a world famous music scene for a good reason.
Day 3
Austin to San Antonio
Having conquered Austin, we'll venture onto San Antonio... Welcome to a charming melting pot of Spanish, Mexican & American infusions. After eating our way around the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico and enjoying a walking tour to get our bearings, the evening is yours to soak up and enjoy shops, restaurants & music.
Day 4
San Antonio to Houston
Leaving San An feeling like a local, it's time to make our way to Texas' largest city. With huge belt buckles & portion sizes to match, Houston city certainly lives up to its larger than life reputation.
Day 5
Houston to New Orleans
Bellies full of BBQ, we'll head to the romantic metropolis of New Orleans. The love-child of French & Caribbean culture, New Orleans will steal our hearts as soon as we arrive.
Day 6
New Orleans
We'll kick off the festivities today with a swoon-worthy walking tour of the French quarter, jamming in Jackson Square before sampling beignets & marveling at elegant, pre-war mansions, all to the sweet sounds of Southern jazz, of course. Then it's time to head for the New Orleans school of cooking to trade tales with your new friends over some traditional gumbo.
Day 7
New Orleans
Now that you know New Orleans like one of the locals, it's your day to do your own thing. Stroll down Frenchmen street for the sounds of jazz and funk, head to the vast grassy oasis of the city park or check out the New Orleans museum of art for an extensive collection of gorgeous French masterpieces.
Day 8
New Orleans to Memphis
Bidding farewell to New Orleans, we're off to another musical mecca... Welcome to Memphis. It's time to pay homage to 'The King' today, as we're going to Graceland, the iconic home of Elvis. Then it's time to pay appreciation to another King, Martin Luther King JR, as we visit the Civil Rights museum, learning all about this vital force in the civil rights movement, before heading to sun studios, the place where Elvis recorded his very first song. What a day; and we're not even done with Memphis yet.
Day 9
Now we're nice and intimate with Memphis, it's your own day to explore. Take a taste of traditional food in downtown, visit the museum of soul music, check out the famous zoo and aquarium or take a tour of the Wiseacre brewery. No matter what you choose to do today, you'll fall in love with this melodic city.
Day 10
Memphis to Nashville
See ya, Memphis, Nashville is calling! Pull those boots out. Home to some of the musical greats, this city also played a crucial role in the civil rights movement. Tonight we'll have dinner at the famous woolworths where the first sit-in took place to desegregate lunch counters.
Day 11
Today you have the day for yourself to really get down and dirty with Nashville. Tour and taste all the southern delicacies, take a trip to the Ryman Auditorium and taste some classic whisky at Uncle Nearest Distillery in the day, then catch a country show at a famous venue.
Day 12
Today is yours to explore Nashville. Truly a musical paradise, a tour around the Country Music Hall of Fame will give us the low down on this city's musical past.
Day 13
Nashville to The Great Smoky Mountains
Thanks for the hospitality Nashville! We're heading to the "Land of the Blue Smoke". Named by the Cherokee for its bluish haze and mist like clouds, we'll settle down in this mountain paradise with our luxury glamping yurts, surrounded by pristine views and lush forestlands. Tonight we'll swap stories under the canvas of stars.
Day 14
The Great Smoky Mountains
As well as all that natural beauty, the Smoky Mountains are packed with options for unforgettable adventure activities. Today you can try your hand at ziplining, soak up that scenery atop a horse or whizz around on your very own ATV. The choice is yours.
Day 15
The Great Smoky Mountains to Atlanta
Today, we travel to the cosmopolitan city of Atlanta where our tour ends on arrival. Tissues on deck & souvenirs in tow, it's time to say our goodbyes. This has been the journey of a lifetime, so make sure to keep in contact for a reunion trip soon…
Start Date: 2023-11-29
End Date: 2023-12-13
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End Date: 2024-01-17
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