Eastern Discovery
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Duration: 10 Days
This All-American adventure kicks off in Dallas - the land where bigger is always better – before heading through melodic Memphis, sultry New Orleans and finishing up on Miami’s sun-kissed coast. Along the way you can expect plenty of musical heritage, world-famous theme parks (Disneyland, anyone?) and plenty of delicious food. By the end of these 10 unforgettable days you’ll have experienced the very best of the US.
Day 1
Dallas/Fort Worth to Memphis
Welcome to Dallas, where the food portions are as big as the belt buckles. This morning we're headed to melodic Memphis to experience the true American South. Along the way, we'll stop at Little Rock High school, a historic site of the Civil Rights Movement. A group of nine African American students enrolled here in 1957, but were met from violent protests by segregationists, which resulted in a mothershed legal case to allow white and black students to study in the same schools. Boggles the mind, doesn't it? Feeling reflected, but still excited as can be, we'll swing on into Memphis, you'll get a city orientation of this musical city. We'll hang out in Beale Street, home of blues music, and maybe enjoy aa few Memphis Jams (a cocktail of honeyball, lime and local jams). Feeling right at home, we'll get ready for a day of adventures tomorrow.
Day 2
Today's the day to get into the history of music your way. We'll start with a visit to Sun Studios where Elvis recorded his very first song. Want more? Why not check out Graceland, the home of the King, or the Rock and Soul Museum.
Day 3
Memphis to New Orleans
We'll say farewell to Memphis today as we head to somewhere with a meaty musical heritage of its own. After some free time to explore this hearteningly soulful city, we’ll turn up the volume and hit Bourbon Street to sample the live music and lively bar culture. This evening, venture out for a New Orleans dinner, to taste all the melting pot of flavors this fascinating place has to offer.
Day 4
New Orleans
Now that you know New Orleans like one of the locals, it's your day to do your own thing. Stroll down Frenchmen street for the sounds of jazz and funk, head to the vast grassy oasis of the city park or check out the New Orleans museum of art for an extensive collection of gorgeous French masterpieces. Our recommendation? Head to the SoFAB – Southern Food & Beverage Museum for some classic gumbo, or experience your own Airboat adventure.
Day 5
New Orleans to Panama City Beach
Leaving New Orleans won't be easy, but knowing we're bound for one of the “world's most beautiful beaches” helps. There's only one way to test the rumours, so we'll take a dip in the crystal clear waters and kick back on the pure white sands of Panama City Beach.
Day 6
Panama City Beach to Orlando
Tear yourself away from the beach, there are exciting times ahead! We arrive in Orlando today with a trip to Universal Studios on the cards. We hope you budgeted for butterbeer.
Day 7
Today is your opportunity to visit the epic Universal Studios, where you can visit Diagon Alley, splash around in the vast water park or visit the islands of adventure. There's something for everyone in this dizzying spectacle of rides, film and entertainment.
Day 8
Orlando To Miami
We'll venture south to glamorous Miami today. A little mouthwatering Cuban cuisine will get us in the mood with a delicious regional group deal setting the scene for two full days of art deco & celeb-spotting in this tropical paradise.  For anyone looking for an adrenaline rush, the option is there for a Thriller Speedboat across the bay.
Day 9
It's time for some magical Miami sightseeing today. We'll head downtown and of course the South Beach. Options for a bike down the beach, a clearwater kayaking float, or party in the city where the heat is on.
Day 10
End Miami
Time to say goodbye to your crew. It's been a blast, but all good things must come to an end. With our sun-kissed skin and eyes on the next horizon, it's time to plan our next Contiki. Peru, anyone?
Start Date: 2023-11-20
End Date: 2023-11-29
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