Mexico Grande
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Duration: 13 Days
Viva Mexico! This magical destination truly has it all. Crammed full of rich cultural tradition and diverse geography, there is something for everyone - from Puerto Vallarta and Cancun to the jungles of the Yucatan and from the World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza to the thriving metropolis of Mexico City. At every turn, immerse yourself in adventure activities, water sports, cultural sites, an unbelievable variety of food, and a sizzling nightlife. In every aspect, Mexico dials up the heat.
Day 1
Start Puerto Vallarta
Welcome to one of the most popular beach towns in Mexico, also known as the 'Mexican Riviera'. Spa, pool, relax, repeat are all high on the agenda today – and that's before we top it all off with a beachfront dinner, with the water and twinkling lights setting an unforgettable scene.
Day 2
Puerto Vallarta
Today you’re free to explore Puerto Vallarta however you like. You can surf, or zip line, take a day trip to remote beaches on a sailing trip. Then, in the evening, catch a Pirate show! Expect the unexpected in Puerto Vallarta.
Day 3
Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara
Bye bye beach hangs, but don't worry, this isn't your last taste of Mexican beach life - we'll see you soon, sea. Nothing screams ‘Mexico’ like tequila, so why not head to a genuine distillery where you can learn how this fiery spirit is made and taste some for yourself? Afterwards, take a stroll around the streets to get a feel for the old and new world architecture this place is known for – and then sample some seriously electric nightlife. It's time to learn about the city known as the 'Pearl of the West', Guadalajara, with its four main squares and glorious cathedral. Then you could go and find a spot to watch one of the city's famous live Mariachi bands do its thing.
Day 4
Guadalajara to Guanajuato
We leave Guadalajara and hit the road.  Here at the old colonial city of Guanajuato (now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City), you’ll learn about the history of the famous silver mining town and how the economy has shaped much of its culture. Discover the famous 'Mummies', the lovers at the 'Alley of Kisses', and even the Hidalgo Market, designed by Gustave Eiffel himself.
Day 5
Guanajuato to Mexico City
Thanks to the bright facades of Guanajuato, your eyes should be wide open by now. Just in time too, because there is so much to see in Mexico City. Mexico City is the largest city in the country and impressively, the oldest capital in Central America. Known for its Aztec temple, its surprising altitude at 2200m, and mountainous landscape, this place is busy, bustling and oh-so-wonderful.
Day 6
Mexico City
The theme 'getting out there' will take on a whole new meaning today. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are the focus for this leg of your journey in this bustling city. Get stuck into the local flavors by tasting some Mexican delicacies at a local market. Do some shopping in Coyoacan. Then, tonight, re-fuel with city eats, like enchiladas, tamales and tacos. Even head out and get a little loco, if the mood takes you...
Day 7
Mexico City
It’s a busy one today, travelers. Archaeological city Teotihuacan, pyramids and Aztec temples are the focus for this leg of your journey. As you go, local guides will kindly impart their extensive knowledge on many interesting topics so you're in the know on anything and everything. And if you happen to be here at the right time, you might even get to experience Lucha Libre, Mexican wrestling!
Day 8
Mexico City to Oaxaca
Meeting your TM and fellow travelers this morning, you'll be setting off for Oaxaca (pronounced Wa-ha-ka)! Have you got it? Great - let's hit the road. Welcome to Oaxaca, with its bohemian bars, charming colonial buildings and ridiculously pretty churches. Commonly known as the gastronomical capital of Mexico, the food here is guaranteed to guac your world. The perfect drink to wash it all down? Mezcal, of course.
Day 9
Today, you're going to soak up some serious Oaxaca vibes with a guided city tour where you'll get to check out the local markets. The colorful city streets are going to be the perfect place for some Insta shots, and if you can be dragged away from the views for long enough, there's plenty of delicacies to try during your free night.
Day 10
Oaxaca to Merida
Adios Oaxaca, Merida is calling our names! And we won't waste any time, hopping on an included flight to whiz us there without delay.   Here in mellow Merida, you’ll explore Mexico’s quiet side. Wander down cobbled streets and grand plazas on a unique walking tour, with some free time to explore the bustling markets. Later you can feast yourself on Yucatan specialties and head off for a blissful slumber.
Day 11
Merida to Cancun
Pack up your swag of Mexican trinkets and say goodbye to the calm oasis of Merida and hello yet another incredible UNESCO World Heritage-listed site: Chichen Itza. Next stop, the most famous ancient ruins in Mayan history. With our Local Guide leading the charge, we’ll learn all about the Mayan calendar, the positioning of the sun, the connections of the ruins around the country, and the worlds that came before us. Afterwards, we’ll take a dip in a cenote – which is the best way to beat the Mexican heat. In stark contrast, next up is Mexico’s super resort – Cancun. With high energy vibes this stop is a no brainer when it comes to getting your fiesta on. One suggestion for tonight's dinner at the Mercado 28, a busy market serving true Mexican delights.
Day 12
Cancun is a hub of fiery entertainment… known for way more than party vibes. Powdery beaches, endlessly swimmable waters and laid-back taco joints (basically all you need, no matter your mood.) Your Trip Manager knows this place like the back of their hand too, so you're guaranteed to be in the know on all the best spots to head for the evening.
Day 13
End Cancun
Morning global roamers, we came, we saw, we conquered all... We'll fuel up on one last breakfast together, then it's time to wipe away the tears and do those final friend requests because today you're homeward bound with firm plans in full steam for a Contiki 2.0 reunion in Asia no-doubt.
  • 4 Dinner (D)
  • 11 Breakfast (B)
  • Mexico City: The visa requirements for entering Mexico will change depending on: - The length of your visit - The purpose of your visit - Your country of origin Visit to find the visa requirements for your specific situation.
  • Mexico City: Mexico will keep you entertained all year round, there’s no doubt about that, but the best time to go will depend on why you’re going. Exploring the great outdoors, with a bit of shark and whale-spotting? Visit from December-April. Visit in July-August if you want to surf. If you’re traveling on a budget, or if most of the things you want to do are all further inland, then May-June or Sept-Nov will be the best time for you.
  • Mexico City: Mexico uses the Mexican Nuevo Peso (commonly known as the ‘Peso’.) $1 equates to around Mex$18. It’s common for the US dollar to be accepted in Mexico, especially in the popular tourist destinations.
  • Mexico City: Your Mexico packing list will change depending on the type of extra activities you want to do while you’re there, but it’ll most likely include: A sun hat, sunglasses and summer clothes Sunblock and aftersun Insect repellent A cameraComfy shoes and socks Swimwear
  • Mexico City: This will depend on your choice of accommodation, activities and how much shopping you plan to do. Here’s a rough guide to the costs of some travel essentials:Subway ticket: Mex$10 ($1)Standard meal: Mex$300 ($17)Coffee: Mex$50 ($3)Bottle of water: Mex$14 ($1)
  • Mexico City: As good as you’re expecting, if not better! Street food is very common in Mexico, so you can expect a steady supply of meats and veggies, served with tortillas and plenty of grated cheese.
  • Puerto Vallarta: Grab your new buddies and a Paloma cocktail. It’s time to feast on Mexican food and watch the sunset over the sea.
  • : Discover how Mexico’s famous liquor is made. And knock back a cheeky shot or two.
  • Guadalajara: This work of architectural art was originally built as a place to care for disadvantaged people. Nowadays, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Guadalajara: Stroll around the official birthplace of tequila and mariachi music.
  • Guanajuato: Narrow cobbled streets. Colorful colonial architecture. Manicured gardens. You’ll see why this place is labelled ‘most beautiful city in Mexico’.
  • Mexico City: The candy-colored buildings and antiquated streets make this one of Mexico’s most photogenic cities. And the perfect backdrop for an Insta shoot.
  • Mexico City: Craving some authentic tacos, pambazo or barbacoa? It’s time to galvanise your tastebuds.
  • Mexico City: Heads up culture vultures! Visit Coyoacan to walk in the footsteps of the famous artist. And check out the museum in her honor.
  • Mexico City: Admire the ‘City of Gods’: one of the first great cities of the Western Hemisphere. Although no one really knows who built it.
  • Oaxaca: Stroll the cobbled streets of one of Mexico’s most authentic cities. Sample the epic street food and revel in the laid-back pace.
  • Oaxaca: Test your courage with a ‘straight up’ of this potent national drink.
  • Oaxaca: Explore one of the earliest cities of MesoAmerica. Then hit up the market for some local keepsakes.
  • Oaxaca: Swoop into the capital of Mexico’s Yucatan region. Get set for a barrage of beaches, jungles, ancient Mayan sites and epic nightlife.
  • Merida: A photogenic fiesta of color and culture. This is the perfect place to get a real taste of life in Yucatan.
  • Chichen Itza: Take a guided tour of this ancient Mayan city. Soak up the history and hear the myths and legends.
  • Chichen Itza: It’s time to live your best life, as you cool off in the emerald waters of this sinkhole. Don’t forget your camera!
  • Cancun: Get the party started with a Margarita and dinner with the gang. Gaze at the golden skies and bask in those mellow vibes.
Start Date: 2023-10-24
End Date: 2023-11-05
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