Sziget Festival
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Duration: 10 Days
Oh Europe, you sure know how to put on a music festival! & our latest favorite is Budapest's island take over of Sziget - Island of Freedom. Music, art, performances and forest vibes will have you swooning. To really light up the experience we get the party started in Berlin a few days early, making stops to explore Prague & Vienna before making tracks for Hungary.
Day 1
Start Berlin
Check-in to your hotel & meet up with your Contiki Team in über- cool Berlin! With two nights in this historical hot spot, you've got time to find out what makes Germany's capital one of the most cutting-edge cities in the world.
Day 2
Come for a wall covered in art & history, stay for a culture of cool, a smorgasbord of partying & an abundance of unique German flair. The day is yours; you could jump onto an historical walking tour of the city to learn about the East, the West and everything in-between in this city packed with a troubled past. Later you can get in the know on the famous Berlin street art scene, complete with stops along the way for the likes of schnitzel, bratwurst and delicious local eats to keep things go go go. What else? The list is endless, or you could jump straight into the mood of the tour and save yourself for a night of thudding beats & club hopping.
Day 3
Berlin to Prague
Making our way in the Sziget direction, we'll head south through Dresden into the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. Bohemian Prague will offer a musical melody in tune with our current mood, with jazz bars & DJs in hip nightclubs.
Day 4
Today you’ll have some free time to bask in Prague’s awesome historic architecture and all-round chilled vibes. Explore all things Kafka, Mozart… and don’t forget to sample the traditional ovocné knedlíky (fruit dumplings), not to mention the legendary Czech beer.
Day 5
Prague to Vienna
From the rides of Prater Fun Park to the culture, Vienna will be the prefect prelude into Sziget. Meander the grand squares & roam the narrow streets - when we're finished it will be on to the main event.
Day 6
Waking up in the stunning capital of Vienna, a city known for its coffee culture and baroque architecture, we'll have plenty of adventures to pursue today. Including one of the world's most historic theme parks: Prater, and eat some schnitzels in the leafy surrounding park.
Day 7
Vienna to Budapest
Today the time will have come to get amongst a near half a million party people & celebrate music, culture & life at Sziget Festival. Take to the island each day after breakfast, & make time for a bit of Budapest in between the festivities.
Day 8
Wake up and get stuck into your included breakfast. Fun fact #1: Buda and Pest are two different cities separated by a river, together they make Budapest. Fun fact #2: You're going to be head over heels with both of them by the time we scoot outta here. Down goulash and cabbage rolls on today's optional cruise to get into the Hungarian spirit of things and see this beautiful city from the water. Then later, you can step back into the Sziget vibes as the evening approaches. Slow and steady wins the race.
Day 9
They always save the best 'til last! Jump into 5th gear and give the final festival day everything you've got. You can sleep all day tomorrow if your schedule permits.
Day 10
End Budapest
Feeling a little dusty & a lot well-lived, the trip will wrap up today after breakfast. Wave your festival companions goodbye & head home for a good dose of bed rest.
Start Date: 2024-07-27
End Date: 2024-08-05
Adult Price: $3405
Adult Price: $3405
Start Date: 2024-08-03
End Date: 2024-08-12
Adult Price: $2724
Adult Price: $2724

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