Turkish Sailing | 2023
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Duration: 8 Days
Turkey's Turquoise Coast is an astoundingly under hyped holiday destination. Endearing seaside towns, shrubby mountain backdrops and private coves with shimmering blue sea are being totally missed by the masses. Which makes it perfect for us to explore. Picture yourself aboard a traditional Turkish gulet boat, eating home cooked meals and lapping up sunshine between snorkels.
Day 1
Fethiye to Boncuklu Bay
Welcome aboard our gulet, a traditional Turkish sailing boat straight out of your dreams and into reality! We can already picture ourselves jumping from its decks into the sparkling sea during our swim stops...but right now, the show sets sail in Fethiye. After you���ve unloaded your luggage and met up with your new crew, we’ll be on our merry way to Boncuklu Bay. When we arrive, we’ll stop for a cheeky swim and admire one of the region’s most beautiful beaches - before tucking into our first of many delicious dinners.
Day 2
Boncuklu Bay to St Nicholas Island via Ölüdeniz
Rise and shine, crazy cruisers. Our first port of call is breakfast, followed by our second, which is Ölüdeniz. And here we are in the oh-so scenic Ölüdeniz – known for its blue lagoon and views of the Babadağ Mountain...After tonight’s dinner, you’re free to explore the island. We recommend checking out the ancient architecture and hunting down the OG tomb of St Nicholas himself.
Day 3
St Nicholas Bay to Bayindir Bay via Kaş and Firnaz
Ge’bye, Gemile! It’s been fun, but now we must move on towards Kaş. We’ll stop off here for breakfast and a good old swim in the sea. There’s some seriously splendid scenery to admire here, so make sure you dry off for long enough to get some salty snaps of the saucy sea. Let's take a break in Kas, this quaint seaside town known for its charming whitewashed houses and the 'Lion's Tomb', decorated with two statues of lion's heads. Try not to fall too heard over heels as you and your pride head out on the prowl. Next we're taking a leisurely sail to Bayindir Bay where we'll park for the night. With gorgeous turquoise waters and white cliffs locking you in, you'll spend a fairytale-like evening with your crew!
Day 4
Bayindir Bay to Kekova Bays
By now, you’ll be a well-oiled sailing machine who eats salty sea air for breakfast – plus your actual breakfast. Off to Kekova Bays for more island delights.
Day 5
Kekova Bays to Myra
Rise and shine, we have some exploring ahead of us today. Myra is believed to be the birthplace of St Nicholas and is a haven for ancient ruins. If you want to see all the stops, consider taking the shuttle to and fro! Opt in for an even closer look - take a wander and explore the stone-carved cities, temples, artwork… even an old amphitheater, plus St Nicholas’ church itself.
Day 6
Myra to Yeşilköy via Kalkan
We’ll wake up bright and early and then sail to Kalkan for more of what we love... Quaint little cafes and cozy sunbathing spots await us in Kalkan Tonight’s destination is Yeşilköy, where you’ll have some free time to explore.
Day 7
Yeşilköy to Fethiye via Samanlik Bay
This morning we’ll sail to Samanlik Bay, where we’ll have a long break for lunch and a final dose of Turkish sea-swimming before we go back to normal. Expect spellbinding views of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, plus sprawling seas and jutting valleys dotted with cliffside shrubbery. And back to where it all began. For one last time, you’re free to wander into the pretty Turkish harbor town of Fethiye and sample the local culture and cuisine. You’ll also have the chance to try a traditional Turkish Hamam, AKA best bath ever.
Day 8
End Fethiye
We’ll check out in the morning today, but you and your crew have the world (more specifically the Mediterranean Sea) at your feet now, so why not keep the adventure going? Seriously though, if you do have time to spare before you go home, go check out Butterfly Valley. It’ll give you butterflies. The good kind. And you won’t regret it.
Start Date: 2023-09-30
End Date: 2023-10-07
Adult Price: $1562
Adult Price: $1562
Adult Price: $2407
Start Date: 2023-10-07
End Date: 2023-10-14
Adult Price: $1579
Adult Price: $1579
Adult Price: $2407

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